Meet Our Teachers

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our teachers and facilitators at Hoof By Hoof Equine Assisted Learning facility.  Each have their own personalities and style of teaching, each of them have their own likes, dislikes and ways of communicating, and they all have an abundance of unconditional love, understanding, wisdom and compassion to share…






All programs at Hoof By Hoof Equine Assisted Learning are guided by Certified EAL Facilitators

The lead EAL Facilitator at Hoof By Hoof EAL is Betty Hagey (Erven) who, in addition to being a Certified EAL Facilitator through the renown Cartier Equine Assisted Learning Building Blocks program offered by Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre, brings a lifetime of equine interaction, expertise and experience to the programs offered.  Betty has been competing at various levels of competition since an early age, has experienced many facets of the equine industry, and has been a coach and mentor to many aspiring equestrians through 4-H programs and other local horse club activities.

All teachers within the Hoof By Hoof EAL program undergo extensive training and continuing education to ensure that they are suitable to deliver quality programs in a safe and fun learning environment…

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