NEW –**Now offering Compassion Fatigue Education and Workshops**

We offer both indoor and outdoor programs that are customized to group size, and that aJester in EAL (2)re customized to meet the criteria of offering a program to satisfies the objectives and goals of the participants whether it be individuals, couples, groups, businesses or organizations.

All programs are formatted using the Cartier Farms EAL Building Block curriculum that has shown success in a broad spectrum of applications and special needs circumstances. The Cartier Farms EAL program has been operating for many years, and is a nationally recognized program.  Not only does the Cartier Farms EAL program have research to back its efficacy, but it also has the success stories of many graduates from its EAL Facilitator Certification program that speaks volumes as to the value and strength of its renowned Building Blocks Curriculum.

**All programs are facilitated by a Cartier Farms Certified EAL Facilitator.**



IMG_00006418Pricing for programs vary depending on individual or group requirements, and on whether session is indoors or outdoors*.

Outdoor EAL Introductory programs (based on 2-4 participants) starting at $50.00 per session…

Call for pricing…

Please do not hesitate to call for further information regarding a program.

(*Please note that for outdoor sessions, sessions can be rescheduled at no cost in the case of poor weather conditions.)

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