We offer both indoor and outdoor programs that Jester in EAL (2)are designed to meet the specific objectives and or goals of the participants. Whether it be individual, couples, groups, businesses or organizations, the programs offered promote core principles that advance communication, connection, problem-solving, teamwork, and resilience.

All programs are developed using the research and evidence based Cartier Farms Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Building Block curriculum. Cartier Farms EAL curriculum has a track record of proven results and continues to deliver positive results over a broad spectrum of applications and special needs circumstances. Cartier Farms continues to actively work with Universities and community stakeholders to advance new, innovative programs to address the complex challenges and struggles that many individuals, families, and organizations are facing. Each exercise within the Cartier Farms EAL program has been researched, reviewed, and tested to ensure it meets the intended objectives. The ongoing success stories of the many graduates from coast-to-coast across Canada who have completed the Dreamwinds/Cartier Farms EAL Facilitator Certification program speaks volumes to the content, benefits, quality, and strength of its renowned Building Blocks Curriculum.

**All programs are facilitated by a Cartier Farms Certified EAL Facilitator.**


20210518_143838***By Appointment Only*** 

Individual (45 minute):  $75.00 (HST included)

Individual (60 minute): $100.00 (HST included)

Couples (1 hour): $130.00 (HST included)

Family’s (max 4 family members/ per hour): $150.00 (HST included)

***Discounts may be available for multiple sessions and groups***

To pre-book your spot please call Betty at 705-492-4851

Please do not hesitate to call for further information or to discuss pricing.

NEW –**Now offering Compassion Fatigue Education and Workshops**

Call to discuss the specific needs of your family, business, or organization.

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